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People and development: We’re a tiny team of two people. We’d love to hire a few more developers to work on Better and Heartbeat with us.

Advocacy: We speak at a large number of events to advocate on human rights, privacy, and ethical design. These include platforms such as the Nobel Peace Center, The Royal Society of the Arts, British Parliament, and European Parliament as well as industry conferences and events. Our work also gets covered in the media. Your donations give us the freedom to carry out this advocacy work.

Technology: Hosting our various services (like our source code repositories, the forum, Labs, the Summit videos, etc.) costs us over £400/month.

We don’t take venture capital and we don’t have the resources to undertake the lengthy application processes for government and EU funding so we need your individual support to subsidise us until we reach sustainability.

Other ways of supporting us

Tell your friends: Tell your friends about us. Help us spread the word.

Help us apply for funding: If you know of any funding opportunities and can help us apply for them, we’d be hugely grateful.

Invest in us: We are a social enterprise based in the UK that is limited by guarantee, so apart from equity investment (which we cannot accept, since we don’t have share capital), we are open to investment ideas that will maintain our independence and allow us to protect the integrity of our social mission. If you want to invest in the ongoing, sustainable success of, instead of our sale in an exit (which cannot happen), please get in touch.